Use photos to enhance Typography

31 May

Skill Level: Beginner

Give your typography an artistic flare by incorporating photographs in this simple Photoshop tutorial.

Open a 900 x 600 Photoshop document, and use the Text tool to draw a text box across the width of the canvas.

You can use whatever font you want, but make sure its large, thick and black.

Right click on the text layer and choose Rasterize Layer. Then right click on the Background layer and choose Layer from Background, call it ‘background’.

With the text layer selected, use the oval marquee tool to select any holes in the letters that can be filled in.

Go to Edit> Fill, and choose to fill with Black then click OK.

Now you can hide the text layer.

Click on the background layer then click on the layer mask button at the bottom of the layers panel.

With the layer mask thumbnail selected, go to Image>Apply Image.

Choose your text layer as the Source, and click OK.

Now you can drop in your photo, just make sure it’s positioned under the background layer.

The photograph I used can be downloaded here.

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