Archive | May, 2012

Use photos to enhance Typography

31 May

Give your typography an artistic flare by incorporating photographs in this simple Photoshop tutorial.

Crow Moon

28 May

A flock of crows seek refuge from the shadows at dusk in this wonderful hand-drawn animation.

7 Secrets to Retouching Success

24 May

Guest writer and professional retoucher, Daniel Pintilie, gives us some great advice on how to approach photo-retouching.

1970’s Snapshot Tutorial

21 May

Learn hove to give modern photo’s a 70’s look using simple adjustment layers in Photoshop.

Disturbing Dark Art

17 May

Brace yourselves, it’s time for a collection of disturbing dark art from some top artists.

The Making of: Princess Peach Re-textured

15 May

See how I applied realistic textures to Princess Peach in Photoshop.

Outer Space

10 May

Sander van den Berg uses nothing but real images taken on NASA’s Cassini and Voyager missions to create this beautiful video.

Modern Fashion Effect

7 May

Learn how to adjust the hues of individual tones and colours to produce vibrant reds and violet shadows, great for fashion shots.

Emily Costello

3 May

Emily Costello’s digital paintings resemble classical portraits with an abstract twist, featuring neon colours and dark themes.