Archive | April, 2012

Creative Typography

30 Apr

Some great examples of creative type and font design.

Pixelated Portrait Effect

26 Apr

Learn how to add a subtle and stylish pixelated effect to portrait photographs.

Out Space III

23 Apr

A futuristic abstract animation by Luis Sanz

Elegant Sepia Tutorial

19 Apr

Give your photo’s an elegant look with muted colours and soft glows in this quick Photoshop tutorial.

GIMP: An Introduction

17 Apr

Photoshop is a popular editing software, with good reason. It is easy to use, and produces outstanding results when you know what you are doing. However, it’s always handy to know how to use other graphics software if Photoshop lets you down though.

Scott Radke

16 Apr

Scott Radke’s mixed media sculptures resemble goblin-like creatures dressed in animal onesies. Despite their twisted, mournful faces, they are very endearing, and well worth checking out.

Sex Cyborg Tutorial

12 Apr

Learn how to turn skin white and shiny, as well as create sci-fi lighting effects in this futuristic cyborg photomanipulation.


9 Apr

A beautiful abstract animation featuring geometric shapes and lines merged with live action actors.

Space Art

6 Apr

A collection of fantastic, psychedelic, space art from some very talented digital artists.

The Making Of: Towers

2 Apr

Creating realistic water from scratch in a simple but dramatic photomanipulation.