Pure White Portrait Retouch

7 Nov

Skill Level: Intermediate

Learn how to whiten skin and hair in this quick Photoshop tutorial.

The original photo is a little bit warm, so first we’ll add a Photo Filter adjustment layer set to Cooling filter (80) with a Density of 60%.

Next we”ll bring the saturation way down. Add a Hue/Saturation layer and bring the saturation down to -90%.

The last Adjustment Layer we’ll add is a Curves layer.

Add two points to the chart, one at the dark side, one at the light side. Arrange them as shown above.

Next we’ll slowly start to bring back some colour.

Click on the Hue/Saturation layer’s layer mask.

Take a large black brush with it’s Hardness at 10% and it’s Opacity at 5%. Paint over the whole model in one stroke.

Then paint over the model again, but this time leaving out the hair.

Next paint over the area around each eye.

Now reduce the size of the brush and paint inside each eye and around the edges.

And then paint over the lips, not quite up to the edge.

Decrease the size of the brush again, and bring the Opacity up to 30%. Now paint over the iris of each eye.

Finally using a brush only a few pixelas wide and set to 10% Opacity, paint over the darkest parts of the eyes and lips.

With the brush set to 50% Opacity, paint over the necklace.

Now go back to the Curves layer and click on it’s layer mask.

Take a small black brush set to Overlay.

Paint over the eyebrows to darken them.

And use a smaller brush to darken the eyelashes.

And here’s the final result.

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